T. Bear Inc. will create a diverse product line to capture the Massachusetts market


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Extraction Is Conventionally A Single Step Process, At T. Bear Inc. This Is Just The Starting Point

Many cannabis oil products currently available are produced using a single process. While effective at extracting cannabinoids from marijuana, these techniques also capture unwanted material such as waxes & fats, growing nutrients, plant matter, and residual solvents. Many manufacturers utilize a filtration process to remove these compounds, but this alone will not separate out these undesirable properties.


T. Bear Inc. Refines Its Oil To Unparalleled Heights of Purity & Quality

T. Bear Inc. products are further refined post-extraction using a unique process, Distillation. This process allows us to molecularly isolate and collect the cannabinoid compounds from the single process cannabis oil while leaving behind that unwanted material


Resulting In An Unmatched Product

TBI Oil is extremely high in cannabinoid potency and completely free of solvents, plant material , and impurities. This oil is used as the active ingredient in our infused foods and blended utilizing Cannabis derrived & natural terpenes for vaporizing products too.  





Products Developed with Constancy & Consumer Focus

Multiple years of Research & Development creating great taste recipes metered dosing backed by independent laboratory testing, consumer focus group feedback & product refinement


Utilizing the Finest Quality Ingredients

Our food ingredients are crafted from all natural, organic purveyors; sourced from the local economy whenever possible.


Paired with Innovative Processes To Create An Unprecedented Experience

Infused Product formulation can be challenging with cannabis oil due to poor water solubility and low bio-availability. T. Bear Inc. will overcome this through a proprietary infusion process increasing consumer experience & safety.